Disk Health

Disk Health 1.1

The fastest disk cleaner and duplicates finder

The fastest disk cleaner and duplicates finder

2 in 1. Clean up your Mac's hard drive of tons of unneeded files and find duplicate files with just a drag & drop.

The most comprehensive and powerful tool to clean and speed up your Mac.

Reclaim dozen of gigabytes of valuable hard drive space.

In just a few clicks you can empty:

- Applications Caches

- Applications Logs

- Browser Cache and data (Safari, Chrome and Firefox)

- Mail Downloads Folder

- Downloads Folder

- iOS Old Updates

- Large Files (files within your user folder that are greater than a size you choose, default 100 MB)

- Old Files (files within your user folder that are older than a date you choose, default 1 year)

- Trash Can

- Find and remove Duplicate Files from folders and internal hard drive as well as removable ones

All in one disk cleaner and duplicate finder

List of large files and old files

Parametric search allowing users to choose file size, file date and combination of both.

Fast duplicate detection algorithm with advanced 512 bit hash to avoid false positives.

Cross detect duplicates in different volumes, e.g. you can search for identical pictures stored in two or more different drives.

Designed to take advantage of the new OS X Yosemite graphics paradigm

Wide OS X compatibility from 10.7 to 10.10

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Disk Health


Disk Health 1.1

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  • by Anonymous

    The best app i've tried. .
    Just removed 18GB of junk files i did not even know to have. It find large files, old...   More